Lead Generating

What is the concept about?

The idea is to get people so excited by what you have to offer that they’ll generate leads, meaning to refer your business to other similarly interested people. This has the obvious perk of increasing the business, as it is known that the impulse to buy is decisive, especially when coming from personal recommendations. More so, by creating a network of such recommendations has the advantage of developing long-term relationships with customers, creating loyalties amongst them.

An example on how the lead generating system should function in the Arabic world is the Gulf Cooperation Council. The six GCC states are focusing on developing an economy that isn’t dependent on such a degree on oil, thus ensuring a prosperous future for all the generations to come, even in the absence of such a crucial resource. The collaboration between these countries represents the quintessence of what lead generating service really means. We have six countries that share similar values, both in organization as all are monarchies, as in religious matters as all are under the Islam flag. The way they give out leads pertaining to business, regardless of their geopolitical boundaries, can become a model even at a micro-economical level. Imagine six friends that share the same interests that refer a service they used and enjoyed, from one to another.

How lead generating works

Generating leads is grounded in the same sense of allegiance to a community, similar to the social media strategy. The opt-in leads create this network of devoted clients that are permanently interested in staying updated on any novelties regarding the brand, products, services, and future events. Keeping the faithfully fans close through offering them an insight into the world of your business makes them feel part of the family. The psychology behind this lead generating strategy says that they’ll want to invite more of their close ones into this new “family”.

Segmentation of customers is still an important part of the process, addressing the information in a targeted manner specifically to those that are most likely to find it useful. These clients might want to give the information forward, to some of their acquaintances that they think will also find a good use of it, creating this way an additional marketing funnel. This would be the ideal scenario, where the hard part of filtering those interested is done by a tertiary party, with more insights on the potential client, than you have and most importantly, without an additional charge on your budget.


Where does our experience come in handy?

Taking into account the specifics and the important part this service takes in every marketing strategy, let’s put into light what we have to offer:


  • The original segmentation of potential clients that are  more likely to find the data useful. This also works as a starting point in creating the network of leads generators.
  • Creating the convincing content of the ads, landing page, webinar or what other type of presentation we convene with you. Besides addressing the targeted audience, these materials are going to help us arouse as much interest as possible from our initial candidates. The ideal scenario is that they will eventually become the lead generating force of your business. Fortunately, people in the Middle East have a natural tendency towards bragging and letting all their acquaintances know their latest accomplishments. This cultural characteristic aids us in creating the leads network, but of crucial importance is the initial impact that the content makes on the users.
  • Conceiving the content and format of the e-mails sent in the case of opt-in leads. The information must be educative, must maintain the reader interested, as to not perceive the future newsletters as spam material.
  • Completing forms with personal data. Herein lies a complicated issue. It’s already a tricky situation even in the Western countries, with people being suspicious when asked to give out their personal data to various sites. Put this natural suspicion in the context of the already closed culture characteristic to the Arabic market and you get a real feel of the struggles our marketing experts go through to create a suitable form for lead generating. It has become a real science to keep a balance between the mandatory number of fields to respect the legislative requirements and the number of fields that become too many and scare away potential customers.



Creating a system that is capable of self-sustainability through leads is perhaps the final step of an expert marketing strategy. Pertaining more to the idea of developing a network of loyal customers around the brand name, it’s a must for any self-respecting business. Especially in the Arabic market, a sterile environment for start-ups, where the brand name holds an important weight in the purchase decision.

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