Search Engine Optimization

What SEO really does ?


The latest development in creating a business strategy concentrated on profiting of the exposure given by the online domain, is to properly use search engine optimization tools. During latter years, in close corroboration with the search engines’ growth in popularity and increase in usage, a new branch emerged from the field of computer sciences, known as SEO.


There are many people for whom it’s still not crystal clear what a SEO expert is able to accomplish for a particular websites and for the business it represents. As any newly developed science, it still has a lot of fine adjustments to make, with many aspects still to be learned as we go along. Not to mention that the rules and criteria used by search engines to create classifications, seem to be constantly changing. Even more the reason to seek out the help of a professional in this area.


In the end, it all comes down to analyzing and correctly reading the numbers. A SEO specialist is bound to ensure an increase in the website’s organic traffic. He knows just what tickles all the search engines’ interest, enough to put your site in the top of users’ preferences. He makes the best use of keywords, links and backlinks, information presented in a unique way and many other specific tools. All the while it focuses on decreasing the risk of falling in the unwanted extreme of becoming obnoxious to Google and the other search engines, to the point of cataloging the site as spam.


The specifics of SEO for the Arabic market

The whole concept revolves around the improvement of content on the websites, in such a manner that it would attract a larger number of potential customers. The quality of said content is of great importance and any professional done SEO service knows how to make the best use of the uniqueness of text, the integration of keywords with a high number of searches, setting relevant links on high traffic sites and so on.

The main challenge that the Arabic market is currently facing is associating SEO with its deserved importance. The only part of online advertising used by Arabic sites so far has been entirely focused on the social media. The social media ads and the criteria needed for a higher stand in users’ researches don’t always see eye to eye. It’s a real battle to get websites focused on this part of the world to become less prone to spams and assume the required standards used for a proper SEO strategy.

Another important aspect of the Middle East centered websites resides in the language barriers and the way users from these parts understand conducting their searches. Differently put, it’s a real struggle to find the right keywords that would speak to users of native Arabic language. Some prefer to translate their query in English and conduct searches as such, as they seem to think there are more results returned in English than in Arabic. On the other extreme, websites not using native Arabic language Search Engine Optimization specialists, means they need to translate keywords from English to Arabic. In both scenarios, the subtleties of the language are lost in translation, “false friends” are also misused and expressions pertaining to slang confuse the accuracy of the search.


Concrete aspects of our offered services


In a short summary, our service is focused on ensuring that the website you patron holds a higher rank in any online search pertaining to its domain of interest. The way we propose to do this is through 4 main directions:


  • First, ensuring that the organic search becomes relevant for the interested users. This can only happen after a detailed market research on the specific branch of activity. Also, an in-depth research on the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as on its targeted customers and main competitors.
  • The next important step is creating a solid content strategy. Selecting the Arabic keywords that maximize the outcome is paramount. Also, establishing the right landing pages for certain keywords can help increase the organic traffic.
  •  A dynamic and ongoing process of clearing the SEO technical issues, with focus on those code optimizations that would affect the most the proper functioning of the website. This would allow the site to carry on its activity, while gradually taking care of less critical problems.
  • Setting up the links network is of upmost importance, as it makes for the ranking criteria with the heaviest share of importance. Our goal is focusing on the quality and not on the quantity of links that refer to the targeted websites.




Talking about the wide array of marketing services, the online exposure is currently among the most important sources of new business. But going about it in a disorganized fashion might do more harm than good. Also, in a market basically untouched by this sort of strategical business plan, the advantage of doing things methodically, might bring valuable payoffs. The Search Engine Optimization strategy that we propose has the perk of combining the knowledge of specialists in this area of expertise with creating personalized business project for each site, having a successful outcome in mind.