Marketing Analytics

Overview on the Arabic market

Marketing Analytics takes a hard look at what this market looks like from the companies’ point of view, even if it’s a multinational conglomerate or a new and eager start-up. We should analyze some of its components, trying to put some order in its quirks and defining characteristics. This way we’ll reveal the reasons why, for this part of the world, a marketing campaign must look different than we’re used to when talking about companies from other cultures.

The main idea is that the Arabic market is becoming more and more attractive, due to a number of factors that we’ll see below:

  • First of all, the demographic structure of the Arabic population, sees a majority of youngsters, with a low age average.
  • The numerous young people explain the increase in Internet usage, the growth in technology development, especially focused on smartphones, and the social media frenzy that the regions encountered in the latter years.
  • Most of these countries are still known for the low taxes, at least comparing to their partners from Western countries.
  • A separate attention is given to the Gulf, with way above average incomes, perceived as a perfect outlet for luxury products. They are also more open-minded to the Western civilization, thus making it also the first place to start when beginning a campaign on a targeted market.
  • It’s a proven fact that in this market, brands are hold in high regards. The more important the name of the brand, the higher the importance attributed to the one wearing or using it.
  • As a final peculiarity, cosmetics and fashion face a high demand all over the region, not centered in a specific area. This shows plenty about the set of mind and the interests of potential customers, creating the outline of a successful marketing strategy.


Arabic market issues

There are two issues to always keep in sight, when talking about the Middle East market and the consumers’ behavior, which stand out above anything else:

– A big part of being able to measure a campaign’s effectiveness and rate of success is dependent on the customers’ reactions. In the countries with a history in marketing and advertising, this can happen through focus groups’ reactions, different queries, or direct feedback. Unfortunately, these are hardly relevant when it comes to Arabic people. Perhaps based on a culture of politeness, proven fact is that they don’t offer direct and honest feedback. This means that reactions have to be obtained otherwise, indirectly. This makes the analytics part become far more important in an Arabic marketing strategy.

– Secondly, the whole mentality is brand oriented and not quite a favorable growth environment for start-ups. We are facing a lack of own standards, a normal development in a prejudgments-based society. It seems that what matters most is what the ones around you think than the advantages or benefits that a certain product or service brings along. They see it more as proof of their own advancement in the hierarchy, than as products which fulfill a specific need. It’s making the effectiveness of the sales strategy much more dependent on the advertising campaign and the message it sends across, than on the actual product’s specifications.

The importance of having a professional analysis on the marketing strategy

Having a general view on what marketing specialists are facing in the Arabic world, by Marketing Analytics we’re thinking of having the proper analytical tools is mandatory in succeeding according to plan. Our team helps business in various aspects, based on solving all the issues discussed before. This ultimately means an increase of the conversion rate, through different procedures, as follows:

  • Dealing with the specifics of the Arabic market with the purpose of creating a customer marketing funnel that becomes relevant for the business.
  • Finding out the customers’ profiles and creating the segmentation necessary for offering appropriate products and services.
  • Discovering the consumers’ interests, keeping in mind that the traditional surveys aren’t going to work in this area.
  • Planning which elements of the marketing to put accent on, in consistence with the numbers they return, analyzing the processes on a full scale, going from qualitative aspects to quantitative measurements of results.
  • Using statistical data to quantify the success of some strategies in detriment of others, thus being able to take the tough business decisions. Those that underperform need to be cut loose and the freed budget can be used for trying new channels of getting the message across to the desired audience.


For some, a collection of numbers and statistics might seem as some fun facts, but irrelevant to a serious business. A professional marketing analytics service helps make sense and good use of these facts, turning them into significant data that our specialists use for creating efficient strategies and developing the business.

Social Media Marketing

General considerations on social media marketing

It’s a very widespread opinion that everybody entangled the secrets of a successful social media usage and that there couldn’t be an easier segment of a marketing strategy. Then, how come there are so few people in the world that managed to get their hands on real money, taking advantage of these networks? Getting a few likes from friends and relatives is definitely not the same things as peeking the interest of total strangers, constantly subjected to similar information from the competitors. Solving these issues, is the job of social media marketing experts.

The strategy remains centered on the quality of the content, uniqueness and creativity are still the main traits that bring along success. It’s just that the way the creative content manages to express the main point, differs substantially from the PPC or SEO articles. Just imagine your own behavior when scrolling through any of the social media options. It has been proven that the attention window that each user allows himself to focus on a post, before scrolling to the next one, is of no more than a couple of seconds. The message must be powerful and attractive enough to keep the user’s attention for this infinitesimal period of time and make the user look twice.

When it comes to the potential customers in the Arabic market, it’s a well-known fact that you could hardly find a more enthusiast audience for social media than in this part of the world. Even more the reason to call for the services of a professional, as any decision, good or bad, is bound to have its effects seen exponentially.

Different ways to use the various social networks

  In order to evaluate a social media management service as performant, it mustn’t focus solely on a single social network, but create a system that integrates more than one, as each offers different advantages and benefits for its users:


  • Facebook is the main marketing platform, where it’s simple to get a message across to a multitude of users. The way this network is meant to work, makes it easy to have the information shared between potential customers. The downside is that it’s bound to get to uninterested customers as well, but as long as it came from their friends’ feed and not through paid channels, it reduces the negative side effect for the business.
  • Twitter is nothing more than an online short personal journal. Users update their friends on the latest things they find interesting. Making it into their blogs might mean that all their friends that share similar interests are going to find out about your activity.
  • LinkedIn assures another type of reach, being a network that ties together those who are working in a similar field, with similar professional abilities. Getting under their eyes could open some doors on an organizational level.
  • YouTube is the desired advertising space, as it is demonstrated that the visual impact these commercials have, is higher than in any other way. However, the conversion rate for this particular channel is lower than in other cases, meaning it requires an increased attention in maintaining a balance between the visibility it offers and the additional value it brings as profit.


The services pertaining to social media

There are a few points that make us believe our expertise in the social media domain is needed and can bring the extra boost that this section of the marketing strategy should add:


  • The first step we’d take is integrating of the social media marketing service in the SEO strategy, while making the necessary optimizations in code, SEO and general aspect of the website, to sustain this.
  • Ensuring content production based on the specific traits that social media requires.
  • Recording the analytics that help in further planning, rethinking strategies and taking the important decisions, based on quantitative results.
  • Segmentation, choosing the right filter to use on the database, in correlation to the section and the niche of clients it is desired to grasp, followed by the paid advertisements specifically designed for the targeted audience.
  • Building a community around your brand, of people sharing the same interests. It functions as a sort of fan base to keep on promoting your business from a personal point of view and desire.

Another aspect to underline refers to the free of charge spread of your content through sharing it by interested users to some or all of their friends. This works as a double marketing funnel, first filtering the initial receivers of the message and leaving only those interested in the matter. They double the funnel by sharing this piece of information only to those of their friends who they consider the data is relevant to.



  The consumers from the Middle East region have a high degree of dependency on their social media activity. Thus, leaving this important part of advertising in the hands of an inexperienced member of staff would be a poor business decision, which could lead to a huge loss of potential clients.


Lead Generating

What is the concept about?

The idea is to get people so excited by what you have to offer that they’ll generate leads, meaning to refer your business to other similarly interested people. This has the obvious perk of increasing the business, as it is known that the impulse to buy is decisive, especially when coming from personal recommendations. More so, by creating a network of such recommendations has the advantage of developing long-term relationships with customers, creating loyalties amongst them.

An example on how the lead generating system should function in the Arabic world is the Gulf Cooperation Council. The six GCC states are focusing on developing an economy that isn’t dependent on such a degree on oil, thus ensuring a prosperous future for all the generations to come, even in the absence of such a crucial resource. The collaboration between these countries represents the quintessence of what lead generating service really means. We have six countries that share similar values, both in organization as all are monarchies, as in religious matters as all are under the Islam flag. The way they give out leads pertaining to business, regardless of their geopolitical boundaries, can become a model even at a micro-economical level. Imagine six friends that share the same interests that refer a service they used and enjoyed, from one to another.

How lead generating works

Generating leads is grounded in the same sense of allegiance to a community, similar to the social media strategy. The opt-in leads create this network of devoted clients that are permanently interested in staying updated on any novelties regarding the brand, products, services, and future events. Keeping the faithfully fans close through offering them an insight into the world of your business makes them feel part of the family. The psychology behind this lead generating strategy says that they’ll want to invite more of their close ones into this new “family”.

Segmentation of customers is still an important part of the process, addressing the information in a targeted manner specifically to those that are most likely to find it useful. These clients might want to give the information forward, to some of their acquaintances that they think will also find a good use of it, creating this way an additional marketing funnel. This would be the ideal scenario, where the hard part of filtering those interested is done by a tertiary party, with more insights on the potential client, than you have and most importantly, without an additional charge on your budget.


Where does our experience come in handy?

Taking into account the specifics and the important part this service takes in every marketing strategy, let’s put into light what we have to offer:


  • The original segmentation of potential clients that are  more likely to find the data useful. This also works as a starting point in creating the network of leads generators.
  • Creating the convincing content of the ads, landing page, webinar or what other type of presentation we convene with you. Besides addressing the targeted audience, these materials are going to help us arouse as much interest as possible from our initial candidates. The ideal scenario is that they will eventually become the lead generating force of your business. Fortunately, people in the Middle East have a natural tendency towards bragging and letting all their acquaintances know their latest accomplishments. This cultural characteristic aids us in creating the leads network, but of crucial importance is the initial impact that the content makes on the users.
  • Conceiving the content and format of the e-mails sent in the case of opt-in leads. The information must be educative, must maintain the reader interested, as to not perceive the future newsletters as spam material.
  • Completing forms with personal data. Herein lies a complicated issue. It’s already a tricky situation even in the Western countries, with people being suspicious when asked to give out their personal data to various sites. Put this natural suspicion in the context of the already closed culture characteristic to the Arabic market and you get a real feel of the struggles our marketing experts go through to create a suitable form for lead generating. It has become a real science to keep a balance between the mandatory number of fields to respect the legislative requirements and the number of fields that become too many and scare away potential customers.



Creating a system that is capable of self-sustainability through leads is perhaps the final step of an expert marketing strategy. Pertaining more to the idea of developing a network of loyal customers around the brand name, it’s a must for any self-respecting business. Especially in the Arabic market, a sterile environment for start-ups, where the brand name holds an important weight in the purchase decision.

Paid Advertisement In Marketing

The importance of paid advertisement

Paid Advertisement considered to be the in the core of any marketing campaign. It is the usually used tool to increase a product or a company’s visibility. The online area makes no exception to this. However, in order to maximize your money’s worth, simply buying some ads space isn’t going to cut it. A marketing specialist that deals with the paid advertising domain, shows his true skills by:

  • Generating higher incomes through pay-per-click ads on the site, while making sure that the ROI rate for the ads that lead to your site is at its peak.
  • Ensuring that the potential customers which reach your website are those who are truly interested in purchasing.
  • Making sure that the creative content is relevant for users visiting the website, to avoid a high bounce rate.

Specifics of the Arabic market Paid Advertisement

There are three major issues to look out for, if deciding to go for an online paid advertising campaign. Tending to the peculiarities of this market is the fundament of any successful marketing strategy in this area.

Different zones

The Arabic market refers to a wide surface, with different religious and cultural backgrounds, each being guided by various group psychologies and responding to different sorts of stimuli. There are three main zones that the Arabic world is divided into, based on a high number of similarities of their consumers’ behavior:

  • The Gulf: the wealthiest of markets, due to all the oil fields in the area, is also characterized by a wide affinity towards Western products and civilization.
  • The Levant: home of some of the most interesting cultures of the Middle East, having a strong appetite for anything pertaining to the West, Lebanon and Jordan being representative in this scenario.
  • North Africa: hosts the largest Arabic community and is also closer to the Western values, standing on opposite shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s characterized by a large spread of urban centers, widespread Internet and increasing importance of smartphones.

The conversion rate issue

Arabic users haven’t really developed a clear understanding of the way search engines return results. Some of them are still learning and being still a novelty for most of them, they are prone to creating a statistical anomaly: the majority clicks on the first link on top of the search list, without taking into account that it’s most likely a paid position. This highly diminishes the value of the success that a targeted audience strategy should have.


There is also the problem of the language used in paid campaigns. Optimally, it should be Arabic, used by a native speaker. However, at this point, it would be better to use a combination between the top three most used languages in this area: English, French and Arabic. Surely, creating competitive content in this case is so much harder. Perhaps a focus on transmitting the same idea is more important than trying to use the same words, as sometimes, the subtleties of the expressions in some languages, could lose its meaning when taken out of a specific cultural context.

The services provided in this domain

Paid Advertisement keeps track of the difficulties mentioned above, our service can help a business surpass them by using the following key ideas:

  • We can help profit of the fact that the competition for online ad space is at an incredible low, meaning more visibility with less money invested.
  • It’s important to be targeting and splitting the budget differently than in the case of Western markets. Different tools for keeping track of the conversion rate must be used, depending on the fact that the most active time of day is in the evening, for example. Also, some countries count as weekends Friday and Saturday, opposed to how the Westerners see things.
  • Any PPC campaign needs to profit of the smartphone mania that took over this part of the world, adapting the website and the paid ads to the mobile version. Also, make sure to include the option for localized searches, as many users from this area are fond of the proximity advantage, favoring those products that appear to be in their immediate vicinity
  • Increased clarity of the message in the ad copy, thus trying to minimize the potential negative outcomes given the occurrence debated above, pertaining to the psychology of Arabic users to click on ads without having a clear intention of actually purchasing anything. Surely, up to a point, it’s a good thing to have a larger number of potential customers on the site. However, a maximization of the return on investment rate needs to take this subtle aspect into account and distinguish between the two typologies of customers: the shoppers and the unwanted voyeurs.
  • Dealing with the conundrum created by the Arabic language use, by paying attention to the correct use of keywords in both Arabic and any other of the languages used for targeting specific customers.


Paid advertisement service is an important tool that has a special place in every marketing specialist’s strategy. There is high potential in attracting paying customers towards your site using this means of advertising. However, simply handing out money and waiting for the results is not a realistic expectation. There are many aspects to consider when establishing the filters to use, the customer’s area to target and the way to convey the desired information across. That is precisely the reason why a professional is needed to handle this part of the business. And when talking about the Arabic market’s intricacies, the need for a specialist becomes even more visible.